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Hardcore Energy 2


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20. | Fonix 2007-12-11 | 09:17:37
Good to see you here Torpex!

Sooner or later we can make some kind of Central-European scene. :D
19. | RikeR 2007-12-10 | 22:00:17
Hey Nightforce and Torpex!

i hope we can cooperate in the future, i would love to see new djs (especially a freeform dj) at Neorave!
18. | Torpex 2007-12-10 | 21:46:29
Hello and warm hardcore hugs from Poland!

It's great to see you guys active down there! I've been looking at Neorave for some time now and following your producers. All I can say is keep it up, fight for the core, it's very hard at times but the satisfaction is HUGE! :)

In Poland we have UK hardcore / freeform in 3 cities. Lodz is by far the biggest of them, with regular events (usually 100-300 ppl, but a really good event can be up to 500).

The community gathers around www.HardcorePlanet.pl - it's small but growing. :) We have an English section, so drop us a line if you wish - the registration shouldn't be too hard. ;)

If you want to talk about cooperation or anything hardcore-related (no sex please!), djtorpex@gmail.com on MSN.

Keep it hardcore forever!
17. | Nightforce 2007-12-10 | 20:36:03
Hehe thanks but there is no scene in austria XD
I think i`m the only one whos producing freeform|UK here... -_-
16. | -SP- 2007-12-10 | 19:15:49
Hey there Nightforce!

Glad to see you in our community :) Great mix, well done!! Shouts to the Austrian scene!
15. | Fonix 2007-12-10 | 16:50:01
Welcome to the forum Nightforce!

Awesome promo mix! I really like it! I hope we'll hear more from u soon! :)
14. | Nightforce 2007-12-10 | 16:45:13
Want to say hello to the hungary hardcore scene =P
I`m form austria -> vienna and i`m also leading a little happyhardcore info page for the german people =) www.happyhardcore.at

And here is a little promo mix of my newest tracks

Style is Freeform!

Greets Nightforce =)
13. | Fonix 2007-09-21 | 09:36:32
Great pics! I hope you will visit a real rave party in Budapest next time! ;)
12. | ion 2007-09-20 | 23:48:56
I have simply entered rave.hu address at us in Ukraine a site rave.com.ua

we have photo and video from Budapest bonus parade


11. | =Lyn= 2007-09-10 | 17:21:18
Hey! Another person who isnt from Hungary... Interesting.:) How did u find us?
10. | Richie Chaos 2007-09-10 | 17:01:25
Hey guys, thought i'd come on over and join the hungarian chat

Hows it all going?
9. | ion 2007-09-01 | 21:10:29
hello Friends!
We have come back home to Kiev It was excellent! MEGA!! DJ Rush - its Killer!! :))
And certainly Blank & Jones
8. | -SP- 2007-08-21 | 15:42:32
Unfortunately I won't attend the Parade Bonus, so I can't participate in the video :/
What about coming to a real RAVE/HARDCORE party one day? ;)
7. | ion 2007-08-21 | 14:49:32
it's the artist from Ukraine!! Unknown happy hardcore/jump style band!!)) it's just 4 fun but maybe we can together then promote the video and make it popular!!!)))))
it's artist from the dancecore project Partystylerz if you know!
the video will be broadcasted in Ukraine on music channels, on youtube as well!!
6. | ravergirl 2007-08-21 | 08:41:38
Very cool idea :)) jump dancers for jumpstyle video?
And which artist for this style or this is a new artist? :))
5. | ion 2007-08-20 | 15:21:17
Dear friends and great people of Hungary! We are looking for jumpers (jump dancers) we search for everyone who can participate in shooting for the new jumpstyle video. We will be in Hungary very soon and will shoot your beautiful places and streets. See ya there - hope we can find jump crews!))) Your friends from Ukraine.

4. | ion 2007-08-16 | 19:39:06
added to http://www.rave.com.ua/links.php
The Hungarian friends - brothers on reason
3. | admin 2007-08-16 | 16:26:44
If you add our site to your links, in exchange we will add yours to our links. :)
2. | ion 2007-08-16 | 16:15:36
Thanx! for this Topic! ;)
I write about you in my forum! Also I shall add yours URL in special section of a site (links)
1. | -SP- 2007-08-16 | 15:19:32
Alright, since we have foreign members, let's continue the english chat here :)

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